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Master Charles Gracie

There are many good instructors teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the world, but none have more experience as a teacher and coach than the core members of the Family itself. As the oldest son of Robson Gracie, Charles has devoted his entire life to the study and refinement of the family art. Years ago, Charles was among the people who (along with his brothers and cousins) helped the family refine and promote their unique style of self-defense. Following in the tradition of Carlos, Helio, and the innovative Rolls Gracie, of whom Charles was a student prior to his death, Charles is now regarded as one of the great teachers in the Gracie family and is the author along with his cousin Royce Gracie of the definitive book on self-defense.
Master Charles Gracie


Leandro Castroviejo

OWNER & Head Instructor

At the age of 30, I started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Charles Gracie Academy. I fell in love with the sport and am impressed about all the benefits that it has brought into my life. I have found a new lifestyle and become a better person.

Junior Barui


In 2005, when I was 21, I had the honor to be introduced to Jiu Jitsu and this martial art has changed my life in many ways, including making me a better person and good role model for my children. Over the past 13 years, I have competed in many tournaments as a way to test myself and improve my techniques and skills.

Commandments of Jiu Jitsu

Two Classes Free Trial & No Sign Up Fee


Get to know the instructors and the facility. We offer classes specific for professional athletes, children, teens, and women and men of all ages and experience levels. Come try out two classes and see how you like it!


  • 701 Arguello Street, Redwood City, CA, USA